Note: Our Committed/Disbursed amount may not reflect all spent funds, as official data often lags by several weeks or months.

COVID Money Tracker

Explore the data and track the trillions of dollars of federal spending, tax cuts, loans, grants, and subsidies authorized and disbursed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and economic crisis.

Tracking the COVID Response

Trillions of Dollars

Federal Reserve Actions

$7.1 $7.1 trillion
$4.7 $4.7 trillion

Legislative Actions

$6.0 $6.0 trillion
$5.5 $5.5 trillion

Administrative Actions

$1 $1 trillion
$0.8 $0.8 trillion
Amount Disbursed / Committed
Amount Allowed

Track the COVID Money

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis, policymakers have approved trillions of dollars of fiscal and monetary support. Use the table below to explore how those dollars have been allocated and disbursed or view this information through our interactive visualization.

Research and Analysis

COVID Relief

Time to Wind Down Remaining COVID Relief

Though most COVID relief has already been spent, several policies continue to provide ongoing financial support and could be renewed again by Congress or the President. In particular, the federal government continues to offer increased payments to Medicare providers, forbearance for student loan borrowers, and an enhanced Medicaid matching rate (a form of aid to states). Though some spending to specifically address the pandemic may still be warranted, policymakers should wind down these COVID relief policies rather than continuing to extend them.

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COVID Offsets

It Should Be Easy to Offset Additional COVID Funds

The White House has made the case for additional funding to fight the COVID-19 pandemic – in particular to purchase vaccines, treatments, testing, and the global response efforts. However, the recently enacted Fiscal Year (FY) 2022 omnibus bill excluded $15.6 billion of pandemic funding after some Members objected to roughly $7 billion of offsets from clawing back 2 percent of the State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds (the remaining costs were offset by repurposing other COVID relief).

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