COVID Money Tracker

Explore the data and track the trillions of dollars of federal spending, tax cuts, loans, grants, and subsidies authorized and disbursed in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and economic crisis.

Tracking the COVID Response

Trillions of Dollars

Federal Reserve Actions

$7.2 $7.2 trillion
$2.4 $2.4 trillion

Legislative Actions

$4.1 $4.1 trillion
$2.4 $2.4 trillion

Administrative Actions

$0.6 $0.6 trillion
$0.4 $0.4 trillion
Amount Disbursed / Committed
Amount Allowed
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Research and Analysis

State & Local Spotlight

Update: COVID-Related State & Local Aid Will Total $280 Billion

Most state and local governments are experiencing substantial revenue losses and new spending needs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis. While estimates differ on the magnitude of state and localneeds, federal funding from recent COVID-relief legislation may help defray some of these losses.

We estimate that lawmakers have allowed nearly $500 billion of COVID relief to be disbursed to state and local governments, of which we classify around $280 billion of these funds as state and local aid — down from $360 billion in our prior estimates. Roughly three quarters of that relief, over $210 billion, has been committed or disbursed to date. 

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COVID Relief Tracker

$2.2 of $4 Trillion in Fiscal Relief is Out the Door

We update our interactive COVID Money Tracker tool every week to reflect new COVID relief spending and estimates. 

This week's updates are particularly significant, since they incorporate new estimates and data from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA)

We now estimate Congress has authorized $4.0 trillion of fiscal support, $2.2 trillion of which has been committed or disbursed. Our prior numbers had estimated $3.8 trillion allowed and $2.3 trillion disbursed.

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